JULY 7TH 2020

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Explore the Land of the Bible with a Life changing view

​​​​ZION HOLY LAND TOURS allows you to enjoy ​the most famous attractions, 

in small and large groups led by tour experts.

“After Israel–You’ll never be the same.”
    When Christian tourists return from a trip to Israel, invariably the single most heard expression is, “I’ll never be the same….”    
    Something about sailing on the Sea of Galilee, walking the streets of Jerusalem, and viewing the empty tomb creates a deep change of heart and spirit. You can sense God’s presence there.
     When you visit Israel, God’s Word becomes Clearer, your faith becomes Deeper, and your passion for Christ becomes Stronger. We believe that once you visit Israel, you’ll never be the same again!
      The adventure begins with the WILL of the Lord and perfect guidance from the Almighty. With the advance planning from the Chosen People and the anointed God’s Servants, the tour becomes a success. Most of all, you’ll discover why your biblical tour will be one that will leave people saying, “I’ll never be the same again!”


                                                                                                                                     Rev.Henry Gnanamanickam